About Zara forwarding

Are You in a ZARAless Country?

Despite the smattering of stores around the world, many countries still don’t have ZARA online stores at all. For example, shoppers in Australia, New Zealand, or Switzerland can’t buy from ZARA at any price.

ZARA is known throughout Europe for its “fast fashion,” or striking styles at reasonable prices. It’s biggest European competitor is H&M, and comparable EU lines are the Gap and Express. So what can you do if you’re interested in these styles, but can’t find ZARA in your country, or just want to get a better price?

Get International Shipping from the ZARA Europe Online Store Using Package Forwarding

To encourage you the buy from the stores in other countries (at higher prices), the ZARA Europe online stores only ships to Europe addresses. However, you can get your own Europe address by registering for a package forwarding account, use it to order from the ZARA European online stores, and ship your packages internationally.

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