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Fast fashion excess stocks availability from Spain

fast fashion excess stocks wholesalerAll our brands have got a minimum of 500 pieces by pack at the price underlined in red, for larger quantity to be consulted.

ALCOTT : Italian brand for men and women (3.50 € women, 4 € men) shoes (4 €)

TALLY WEIJL : Swiss brand for young ladies, teenager (3.50 €)

PIMKIE : French brand for young women (3.50 €)

LEFTIES : Spanish brand of the Inditex Group for men, women and kids (2.30 € men, women, kids)

CUSTO Barcelona : Spanish brand for men and women (8 €)

BLANCO : Spanish brand for women (3.50 €)

RINASCIMENTO : Italian brand for women (pack of 250 pieces, 9 €)

JENNYFER : French brand for young ladies (3.50 €)

SONNY BONO :Italian brand for man (9 €)

PRIMADONNA winter shoes : Italian brand (8 €)

Minimum order are 25.000 pieces, a 40 feet container.

We ship from the port of Barcelona. Spain.

Payment: bank transfer

Feel free to visit our warehouses in Spain before to pay.

contact us at: Spainbox